Book Marketing roadmap

Feeling ready to get book sales outside of your circle?

Marketing and promotions doesn't have to remain a book mystery.

Just by adding one or more tips from each of the 4 Marketing "P's," tweaked specifically for authors, you'll boost your online book sales and gain readers outside of your circle.

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    Download the Golden book Marketing Roadmap now and get the 14 ways i've used Promotions to sell books

    • Find out which Advertisement sites and Free Public Relations methods I've specifically used to bring in book sales (with links).
    • Learn which Sales Promotions I've used to become a #1 Best Seller in my genre on Amazon.
    • I'll give you my experience with Direct Sales and which methods have worked best for selling my books.
    • You'll also get a Golden Book Marketing Road Map checklist with the 4 "P's" of Marketing tweaked for authors, and more.